Mission Statement

Sista’s Daughters Inc. is a community base organization. Our mission is to support women and their families through challenging medical illness. Our particular interest is with Breast Cancer patient’s whose lives have been altered by this devastating illness. Our intention is to provide physical and emotional support also to encourage timely medical wellness and resources. 

Is to provide valuable information to our communities through seminars, workshops, groups sessions and S D Inc. call cares program; helps facilitate maintaining close connections to neighboring vaccinates. We are committed to being sensitive to your concerns and will treat you with the ultimate level of respect and confidence. 

We will recommend support through: referrals

  • Transportation
  • Emotional Support
  • Transitioning
  • Nutritional Values
  • Health & Wellness 

A community based organization with multiply corporate sponsorship's accompanied by agencies. We are also attempting to reach out to several churches in the community, local hospitals and medical centers to refer our services.

Sista’s Daughter’s Inc. intents to provide community and national speakers to reinforce the importance of community awareness. Striving to Surviving program, increasing minority awareness, decreasing estimated mortality rates of over 40,000 women in urban communities. 

We are developing new products for cancer patients that are under going multiply units of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.